The Means to Live
                discussion paper series
Edited by Annie Leatt and Solange Rosa, December 2005
These series of seven papers on poverty alleviation programmes in South Africa were
written/commissioned by the Means to Live Project of the Children's Institute, University of Cape Town.
This project aims to evaluate the government's targeting machanisms to ensure the realisation
of the socio-economic rights of poor children and their families.
For an introduction to the project and a summary of the initial findings of the papers, see:

      Leatt A, Rosa S & Hall K (2005) Towards a Means to Live:
   Targeting poverty alleviation to make children's rights real.
For a review of specific poverty alleviation programmes that impact on children's lives, see:
Each of the papers is designed to stand alone as a review of a policy or programme. Together, the papers form a set which provides a preliminary overview and assessment of the main national poverty alleviation programmes relevant to children's rights. All of the papers look at the history, policy context, constitutional rights, poverty definitions, operational plans and, where possible, implementation of the various interventions. They include analyses of the targeting mechanisms, pointing to areas that require more primary research and that may need modification to be more effective or equitable.
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