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First Children's Institute seminar series for 2014:
Contesting representations of children and youth in South African social science, fiction, film, drama and popular media

The purpose of the seminar series is to open a space for critical, cross-disciplinary discussion of the ways in which children and youth are represented in various kinds of writing, performance and visual forms, and of the theoretical and ethical assumptions that underpin different representations. If there is sufficient interest from seminar participants, we will consider possibilities for compiling an edited volume or special issue of the papers presented.

Seminars are scheduled for Mondays, from 11h30 to 13h30 (with the exception of the first one).

Venue: Please see each individual entry below.

To attend, us in advance, please.

Monday, 5 May
10h00 - 13h00

Prof Crain Soudien, Dr Susan Levine, Prof Katherine Newman and Prof Jeremy Seekings

Prof Soudien's paper, Fictions of Childhood: Cape Town's Children in Our Literature, will be used as a springboard for the seminar series. Read more...

Mon, 19 May
12h00 - 13h30

Postponed until 2 June 2014

Mon, 2 June
12h00 - 13h30

Prof James Collins (Department of Anthropology, University at Albany/SUNY)

Prof Collins will present on "After Apartheid and Jim Crow: A framework for comparing language diversity, civil rights and social inequality in contemporary South Africa and the United States: Preliminary findings". Read more...

Mon, 28 July
11h30 - 13h30

Prof Andy Dawes (Department of Psychology, University of Cape Town) and Linda Biersteker (Associate: Early Learning Resource Unit)

Using the example of early childhood development, the presenters will discuss how evidence (from several disciplines) may be brought to bear on policy formulation that addresses the complex problem of improving the well-being of children in the South African context. Read more...

Mon, 11 August
11h30 - 13h30

Postponed due to other events clashing
September date to be confirmed

Panel on Ethical Challenges of Research with Children

Panellists to be confirmed.

Mon, 29 September
11h30 - 13h30
Mon, 6 October
11h30 - 13h30

The seminars are open to all; we look forward to seeing you there.


I have forwarded the Children's Act guide for health professionals to everyone in my network and they say they are finding it very useful.

Jill Kruger, consultant, July 2010

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