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The network was co-ordinated by a secretariat from the Children's Institute, University of Cape Town. The secretariat was overseen by a steering committee of representatives from Child Welfare South Africa, Childline, the National Alliance for Street Children, the National Association of Child and Youth Care Workers, the National Early Childhood Development Alliance, and the National Welfare Forum.

The network is no longer convening. For more information, contact:

Lucy Jamieson

Senior Advocacy Co-ordinator

Children's Institute, University of Cape Town

Tel: (021) 689 1310

Fax: (021) 689 8330




The Children's Institute is a world class, leading children's institute... [T]he work that you do is superb and we have used your information, research and data to advance early childhood development in South Africa. Your staff are all talented and committed to children. The way that you have led the development of the Children's Act and the way in which you have made the information contained in the Children's Act accessible to all South Africans is a case study in brilliance.
E Atmore, Director: Centre for Early Childhood Development , Sept. 2008

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