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Completed Projects

Means to Live: Evaluating the targeting of poverty alleviation  for poor children and their households

The Means to Live Project investigates the targeting aspect of selected poverty alleviation programmes relevant to socio-economic rights, and the consequences of this targeting for children. The government programmes examined are the Child Support Grant, the Housing Subsidy Scheme, the Free Basic Water policy, the No-Fee and School Fee Exemption policies, free primary health care and the National School Nutrition Programme.

The first phase of the project comprised a series of policy reviews on selected poverty alleviation programmes and their targeting. The second phase included primary research conducted in late 2005 and in 2006.

Since the completion of the research, the focus has been on dissemination, advocacy and litigation support. Preliminary findings were presented in the South African Child Gauge 2006 . Several presentations were made in important forums that brought government and civil society together.

The research evidence has also been used extensively in 2008 for litigation involving three different court cases. The litigation was aimed at improving the targeting of social assistance to children, in particular the Child Support Grant – a critical poverty alleviation programme which acts as a gateway to other forms of poverty alleviation, such as automatic fee waivers for education and hospital care.

The final research report is forthcoming.

The project is funded by Save the Children Sweden, with additional financial support from Save the Children UK and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

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There is a great need for this type of relevant research and I am sure that it will be of tremendous help in assessing and enforcing the rights and obligations of children and all those that have children or work with them or their rights.
F Haupt, Director: Law Clinic, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, Oct. 2008

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