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Completed Projects

Children and antiretroviral treatment

The Children's Institute in 2005 was commissioned to produce a discussion paper on whether children's health needs were adequately addressed in the government's "Comprehensive Care and Treatment for HIV and AIDS" plan.

Whilst the commission by Save the Children Sweden specifically focused on antiretroviral therapy for children, the paper took a more comprehensive view of the health needs of children with HIV infection.

The publication, Antiretroviral roll-out in South Africa: Where do children feature? highlighted the crucial need firstly to prevent HIV in children, and secondly to consider the health needs of child infected with HIV/AIDS in a comprehensive manner and not just by focusing on antiretroviral provision.

Further reading

Antiretroviral roll-out in South Africa. Where do children feature?

Shung-King M & Zampoli M 2004
Discussion paper commissioned by Save the Children Sweden


I was impressed by your work at the Children’s Institute. I have also with great interest read your Child Gauge for 2010/2011.

Marianne Borgen, Norwegian MP, May 2012

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