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Completed Projects

Researching and developing systems to facilitate the identification, monitoring and support of vulnerable children

In 2002, the Children's Institute was commissioned by Save the Children UK to develop systems and tools to facilitate the identification, monitoring and support of vulnerable children.

The research involved interviews and activities with children, caregivers, service providers and programme planners. The research findings highlight many instances of missed opportunities for the identification and support of vulnerable children by service providers, many of whom come into contact with children and their caregivers without using this opportunity to identify or support especially vulnerable children.

Using the gaps identified, as well as the concepts that underpin successful initiatives, the researchers developed a conceptual framework for understanding the roles that different agencies and individuals can play in the process of identifying, monitoring and supporting children. The framework is accompanied by guidelines for facilitating inter-sectoral collaboration, as well as a series of practical fact sheets designed to assist individuals and agencies to develop their own tools to identify, monitor and support children who may be vulnerable.

This project was commissioned by Save the Children Fund UK, which received funding from the Ford Foundation for this purpose.

Further reading

Conceptual framework for the identification, support and monitoring of orphans and other vulnerable children
Wilson T, Giese S, Meintjes H, Croke R & Chamberlain R 2003
Children's Institute & Save the Children UK.


The Children's Institute is a world class, leading children's institute... [T]he work that you do is superb and we have used your information, research and data to advance early childhood development in South Africa. Your staff are all talented and committed to children. The way that you have led the development of the Children's Act and the way in which you have made the information contained in the Children's Act accessible to all South Africans is a case study in brilliance.
E Atmore, Director: Centre for Early Childhood Development , Sept. 2008

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