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Objectives and functions of the Children's Institute

The objectives of the Institute are to:

  • conduct research that characterises the situation of children in South Africa and identifies gaps and opportunities to strengthen law, policy and practice;
  • make academic research accessible to government and civil society;
  • engage in dialogue and evidence-based advocacy to promote effective policy design and service delivery;
  • contribute to discourses on children and childhoods; and
  • provide education and training to ensure that children's rights are respected in professional practice.

We aim to reach these objectives by fulfilling the following functions:

1. Research and scholorship:

  • Defining research questions in specific child policy areas
  • Conducting quality policy research and clarification
  • Stimulating inter-disciplinary research
  • Collating and analysing secondary research and datasets
  • Promoting socially responsive research and debate on policy issues pertinent to children's well-being

2. Education and training:

  • Conducting policy research training for graduate students from different disciplines
  • Contributing child policy modules to existing programmes
  • Delivering short courses and other appropriate training to child practitioners and policy-makers

3. Technical assistance and support:

  • Providing technical assistance to policy-makers and practitioners
  • Supporting child policy roleplayers with information, training and practice guidelines

4. Advocacy:

  • Communicating with government decision-makers
  • Producing publications directed at the policy, service provider, academic and popular fields
  • Disseminating information on children's rights and their situation in South Africa
  • Participating in and supporting social movements that prioritise and promote children's well-being
  • Increasing the cadre of practitioners, scholars and researchers versed in evidence-based approaches to child-focused policies and practices


The Children's Institute is a world class, leading children's institute... [T]he work that you do is superb and we have used your information, research and data to advance early childhood development in South Africa. Your staff are all talented and committed to children. The way that you have led the development of the Children's Act and the way in which you have made the information contained in the Children's Act accessible to all South Africans is a case study in brilliance.
E Atmore, Director: Centre for Early Childhood Development , Sept. 2008

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