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Written in plain English, the [SA Child] Gauge helps make academic research accessible to a wider audience.  [The 2008/2009 issue] serves as ideal reading material for pre- and in-service teacher training, as well as for anyone interested in the educational challenges of the day.
Prof M Robinson, (then) Dean of Education,
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Aug. 2009

Completed Projects

Project 28: Promoting children's socio-economic rights

Project 28 was a rights-based project that focuses on promoting the realisation of children’s socio-economic rights in South Africa. The project aimed to seek clarity on the meaning of children’s socio-economic rights, particularly regarding the nature and extent of the government’s obligations to children.


Rapid appraisal of primary level health care services for HIV-positive children at public sector clinics in South Africa

This 2002 rapid appraisa investigated the extent to which some health and social interventions were available at that time to children attending public sector clinics in all nine provinces of South Africa.


Researching and developing systems to facilitate the identification, monitoring and support of vulnerable children

In 2002, the Children's Institute was commissioned by Save the Children UK to develop systems and tools to facilitate the identification, monitoring and support of vulnerable children.


Social Assistance Act and regulations

The Children’s Institute has focused on social assistance policy and law reform since 2000.


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