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I write to compliment you on this remarkable venture [SA Child Gauge] and the editors for the vivid and striking publication. The lesson we can draw from your work is that we must cherish all the children of the nation equally, with special emphasis on those who are vulnerable. More power to your elbow.
Prof K Asmal, [then] Member of Parliament, March 2006

Completed Projects

Children and antiretroviral treatment

The Children's Institute in 2005 was commissioned to produce a discussion paper on whether children's health needs were adequately addressed in the government's "Comprehensive Care and Treatment for HIV and AIDS" plan.


Children’s Bill Project

The Children’s Bill Working Group, established by the Children's Institute in 2003, played a central role in promoting the participation of the children's sector in the making of a new Children's Act. Since the Act came into force in 2010, the focus has shifted to monitoring the implementation of the new law, particularly related to budget allocations and human resource capacity.


Dikwankwetla – Children in Action: Facilitating children's participation in the Children's Bill

This project facilitated a group of children from four provinces to participate in the deliberations during the legislative process for a new Children’s Act in South Africa.


Evaluations and case studies of the CI law-reform methodology

Getting research into policy and practice is a main objective of the Children's Institute. This project therefore over several years recorded the story of the Institute's involvement in policy and law-reform processes, together with analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of the advocacy methodology used in each process. The information gained from each evaluation or case study fed into new projects and communicated to national and international audiences through publications and occasional seminars.


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