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The Children's Institute is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of research and support staff. Experience is wide-ranging, with staff members having qualifications in anthropology, education, information sciences, journalism, law, public policy and development, political science, social welfare; and experience in statistical, social and legal research.

Associate Prof. Shanaaz Mathews
[email protected]

+27 21 650 1473

Expertise: Children & violence, child protection, child abuse, gender policy, gender-based violence, evidence-based programming

Research assistant:
Zulfah Albertyn

+27 21 650 1141

Expertise: Sexual & reproductive health, health services, sustainable development, poverty mapping, health rights

Senior researcher: 
Lizette Berry

+27 21 650 1462

Expertise: Social policy, early childhood development, child protection; child poverty

Senior researcher: 
Aislinn Delaney

+27 21 650 5237

Expertise: Poverty & inequality, social protection, research methodologies

Senior researcher:
Katharine Hall

+27 21 650 1441

Expertise: Social policy; child poverty & inequality; social grants; households & mobility; indicators

Senior researcher: 
Lucy Jamieson

[email protected]

+27 21 650 1466

Expertise: Child rights; participatory democracy; governance; law reform & policy development; child protection

Research Officer:
Jenna-Lee Marco

+27 21 650 5435

Expertise: Community & social advocacy; gender identity; youth development

Child rights programme manager:
Paula Proudlock

+27 21 650 1442

Expertise: Child rights; legislative review; law reform; democracy & governance; socio-economic rights for children

Honorary Professor:
Prof Ria Reis

Medical University of Leiden and University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Expertise: Transgenerational transmission of inequality; participatory approaches; parenting

Stephi webSenior researcher:
Stefanie Röhrs

+27 21 650 5391

Expertise: child rights; law reform & policy development; gender-based violence; sexual & reproductive rights

Winnie Sambu

+27 21 650 1464

Expertise: Food & nutrition security, child nutritional outcomes, living conditions, urban environments; poverty

Honorary Research Associate:  
Birgit Weyss

+27 21 650 1473

Expertise: Child rights; international human rights law; democracy & governance; budget & expenditure analysis; monitoring & evaluation


The response to [the Children’s Act guide for ECD practitioners] was overwhelming. The provincial minister for Social Development in the Western Cape, who attended our learning event, has acknowledged the valuable contribution of it.

Trevor Lombard, SALGA Western Cape, March 2012

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