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The Children's Institute is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of research and support staff. Experience is wide-ranging, with staff members having qualifications in anthropology, education, information sciences, journalism, law, public policy and development, political science, social welfare; and experience in statistical, social and legal research.

Associate Prof. Shanaaz Mathews
[email protected]

+27 21 650 1473

Expertise: Children & violence, child protection, child abuse, gender policy, gender-based violence, evidence-based programming

Research assistant:
Zulfah Albertyn

+27 21 650 1141

Expertise: Sexual & reproductive health, health services, sustainable development, poverty mapping, health rights

Senior researcher: 
Lizette Berry

+27 21 650 1462

Expertise: Social policy, early childhood development, child protection; child poverty

Senior researcher: 
Aislinn Delaney

+27 21 650 5237

Expertise: Poverty & inequality, social protection, research methodologies

Senior researcher:
Katharine Hall

+27 21 650 1441

Expertise: Social policy; child poverty & inequality; social grants; households & mobility; indicators

Senior researcher: 
Lucy Jamieson

[email protected]

+27 21 650 1466

Expertise: Child rights; participatory democracy; governance; law reform & policy development; child protection

Research Officer:
Jenna-Lee Marco

+27 21 650 5435

Expertise: Community & social advocacy; gender identity; youth development

Child rights programme manager:
Paula Proudlock

+27 21 650 1442

Expertise: Child rights; legislative review; law reform; democracy & governance; socio-economic rights for children

Honorary Professor:
Prof Ria Reis

Medical University of Leiden and University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Expertise: Transgenerational transmission of inequality; participatory approaches; parenting

Stephi webSenior researcher:
Stefanie Röhrs

+27 21 650 5391

Expertise: child rights; law reform & policy development; gender-based violence; sexual & reproductive rights

Winnie Sambu

+27 21 650 1464

Expertise: Food & nutrition security, child nutritional outcomes, living conditions, urban environments; poverty

Honorary Research Associate:  
Birgit Weyss

+27 21 650 1473

Expertise: Child rights; international human rights law; democracy & governance; budget & expenditure analysis; monitoring & evaluation


I was impressed by your work at the Children’s Institute. I have also with great interest read your Child Gauge for 2010/2011.

Marianne Borgen, Norwegian MP, May 2012

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