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South African Child Gauge 2013Berry L, Biersteker L, Dawes A, Lake L & Smith C (eds) 2013Children's Institute, University of Cape Town

Children's Places: A literature review

Hall K & Henderson P 2009

Module 6: Addressing the broader social determinants of healthLake L, Proudlock P, Jamieson L & Lansdown G 2011In: Lake L & Proudlock P (eds) Child rights and child law for health professionals: A short courseChildren's Institute, University of Cape Town and International Institute for Child Rights and Development, University of Victoria.

Research priorities in the area of the interface between children’s well-being and unemployment in South Africa: Seminar reportHosted by the Children’s Institute, the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA) and Save the Children Sweden, Cape Town, 14 October 2005

Children’s rights and healthProudlock P 2013 In: Kibel M, Westwood T and Saloojee H (eds) Child Health for All. Edition 5Oxford University Press.

South African Child Gauge 2009/2010: Children & health

Lake L, Berry L, Hall K, Rhode J, Kibel M, Gantcheva R, Pendlebury S & Smith C 2010

Poster-map [pdf 713 kb, print size A1] accompanying South African Child Gauge 2009/2010.

To what extent to the MDGs support children’s rights to health? Lake L 2012 Presented at the trans-disciplinary conference on early childhood development and education, What is the Relationship between the Millennium Development Goals and Early Childhood Development and Education?, 17 – 18 July 2012, Cape Town.

Positive care? HIV and residential care for children in South AfricaMoses S & Meintjes H 2010African Journal of AIDS Research 2010, 9(2): 107-115.

MDG 4: Child health and the 2009/2010 South African Child GaugeLake L 2011Presented at the Millennium Development Goals Symposium, United Nations Association of South Africa, University of the Western Cape chapter, 24 March 2011.

Addressing the social determinants of health

Lake L & Reynolds L 2010

In: Kibel M, Lake L, Pendlebury S & Smith C (eds) South African Child Gauge 2009/2010.

Children's rights to health – from survival to optimal developmentLake L 2011Presented at the Western Cape Government Health and Wellness Summit, Cape Town, 8 November 2011.

Children's environmental health hazards in South AfricaGuthrie T April 2002Contribution to the South African health sector report to the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, April 2002

Which resort? The role of residential care for children in the care and treatment of children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in South Africa Moses S, Meintjes H, Berry L & Mampane R 2008Poster discussion presented at the XVII International AIDS Conference, Mexico City, 3 – 8 August 2008.

Children's environmental health in South AfricaGuthrie T 2001Presentation at the Global Forum for Action: Children's Environmental Health II, Washington DC, USA.

Children and tobacco in Southern AfricaGuthrie T 2002Paper presented to the conference, Environmental threats to the health of children, hosted by he World Health Organisation, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2002.

Research to policy dynamic: Examples from South AfricaGuthrie T 2002Paper presented to conference, Environmental threats to the health of children, World Health Organisation, Bangkok, March 2002.

Readers' feedback

To the best of my knowledge, the South African Child Gauge is the only publication in South Africa that combines detailed empirical data presented in a user-friendly and accessible format, with insightful and thought-provoking research and commentary in the sphere of children’s rights.

Single best source that I am aware of on the subject area.

It's an excellent, current overview of the primary concerns for children in South Africa.

It makes me realise that as government we still have a lot to do.

I think they are excellent. They give a very short coverage, and I like the fact that they explain the data tables and come up with some sort of conclusion.

It is able to give us alternative picture of issues facing children in South Africa, government statistics are sometimes not an honest picture of enormity of the problems facing this country.

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